Toll Free:  1-855-768-5222

You2RDU Display inside Terminal 2

Raleigh Durham Airport (RDU) Shuttle Service

We provide extremely reasonable prices for a standardized service. Our cars and vans are new,  5 star safety rated, commercially insured, and clean.  We offer free bottled water, newspapers when available, assistance with bags and door to door service.   


We are  transportation company focused on delivering a quality experience to our customers.  We believe quality transportation should be available without "over the top" expectations.  The existing services do not offer a standard quality product without charging a substantial premium.  We believe that a standard quality service offered at competitive prices is what the customer wants. 

Our Vehicles: are new (latest model)​ and very well maintained.  These vehicles were chosen due to their 5 star safety rating, well-designed interiors with extensive room in the back seats, comfortable seating, room for luggage/cargo, smooth ride, and their sharp appearance.  These vehicles allow us to provide a great service at a reasonable price.

Our Drivers:  attempt to provide superior customer service at all times.  Our drivers have a clean criminal background history as well as a satisfactory driving history.  Our drivers have superior airport facility familiarity as well as excellent knowledge of area highways. We partner with several independent companies and drivers to provide service when we are obligated beyond capacity.  Our partners have had substantial background reviews to ensure the same quality of service.

We Conform to all applicable industry standards and laws:We are Commercially Insured( up to 1.5 Million Liability) with all appropriate licenses and respective registrations. We are registered with RDU Airport(See Airport Website) and comply with respective industry standards.   ​
Clean, Safe, and ​Professional

We maintain a professional dress code (collared shirts, well groomed staff) while keeping our vehicles clean (interior vacuumed and cleaned daily/ exterior cleaned to weather conditions), we maintain excellent operating standards adapting to road and weather conditions at all times. Our vehicles are 5 star safety rated, and we have never had an accident with passengers in our vehicles.