‚Äč Toll Free:  1-855-768-5222

We provide extremely reasonable prices for a standardized service. Our cars and vans are new,  5 star safety rated, commercially insured, and clean.  We offer free bottled water, newspapers when available, assistance with bags and door to door service.   

We really enjoy serving the Greenville/ECU community. Having spent a good amount of time working and studying in this town, we are very familiar with the layout. There are not many economical transportation options for travel between the Greenville Area and RDU Airport, we feel we are the best option available. Although there are other options available such as ride sharing, we operate new, clean vans and are professionals.  With some of the other services you are not sure what you are getting until it is too late.

Toll Free:  1-855-768-5222

Greenville  to RDU Shuttle service